A new way to hire physicians. Led by AI.

Finally, medical leaders are empowered to build perfect teams.

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Stop filling roles. Start building teams.

Building great physician teams doesn't happen from the desperation of filling open roles. Winnow changes the game by opening a new portal to hiring. All through the untapped power of medical staff.

Our AI targets predictive best fits for each job vacancy, then maps the connections to your existing staff. We make it easy for physicians to vet, select, and refer the leads that are perfect for your company alone.

Medical Leaders

Target your team.

Winnow pinpoints your best candidates and referral sources while flagging flight risks.


Master your destiny.

AI converts reams of data into a treasure map of perfect colleagues you may know.

Physician Recruiters

Reduce your load.

Eliminate guesswork and let physician-vetted leads come to you.


The pain of physician openings affects physicians the most.

Winnow invests you in the cure. We give physician teams the competitive advantage of a referral network unique to you, unveiled by AI. Winnow arms medical leaders with machine learning to minimize long times to hire, locum tenens, and turnover.

FJ Campbell, Chief Medical Officer, Ardent Health Services
"Physicians want to have a voice in who is going to be on their team. When you're in a clinical practice, you're in a fox hole with these people. It matters who is going to be your clinical partner. They are deeply invested in the right team member coming on."

FJ Campbell

Chief Medical Officer, Ardent Health Services

Marty Bonick, CEO, Ardent Health Services
"We have created the LinkedIn for physicians without them having to join. We know every physician who is out there and we are bringing in all these inputs together to identify the perfect candidate and find people who have natural connections to where we hire and to our staff."

Marty Bonick

CEO, Ardent Health Services

Matt Clough, SVP Physician Recruitment, SCP Health
“It’s really impressive to me that you can understand the power of connection and the power of networks. It made me take a step back and think about how we are building relationships, getting to know doctors, and focusing on organizational fit to allow clinicians to exercise their skillsets at the highest level."

Matt Clough

SVP Physician Recruitment, SCP Health

Dr. Herman Williams, Chief Medical Officer, Nashville General Hospital
“Winnow is able to empower physicians by putting its AI tool in their hands so that they can have more control over who is practicing side-by-side with them.”

Dr. Herman Williams

Chief Medical Officer, Nashville General Hospital

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