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Predictive power,
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Winnow's AI lights the way to your ideal physician candidates.

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Build a stellar physician team at mach speed.

Stop overlooking the mighty recruiting resource in your midst. Your own physicians, combined with our AI, are the key to hiring and retaining the best doctors for your organization.

Here's our simple 3-step process to empowering your physicians:

Step 1: Medical leaders

Whether you're a CMO or practice manager, the people who support physicians are Winnow's gatekeepers. Our AI uses thousands of datapoints to screen every physician in the country so that you can build a balanced all-star team. Winnow pinpoints candidates who match the profiles of your best doctors, while also flagging flight risks of your existing team so that you can target retention efforts. Each time you need to add to your team, Winnow instantly identifies predictive fits and maps the connections to your doctors.

Explore our top candidate suggestions with your doctors and invite them to reach out.

2. Physicians

Your time is precious, so Winnow tightly filters all candidates through the criteria important to your organization. Your medical leaders will only ask you to review and potentially refer candidates who are predicted to share two qualities that have been uncovered from our AI: 1) Strong alignment with the open role and 2) High propensity for interest in joining your organization.

You now have the power to vet, select, and refer the colleagues you want to work with.

Step 3: Physician recruiters

Thanks to Winnow, you have a new source of highly qualified inbound leads. Your team's engagement activity is easily tracked in our portal, and our intuitive platform makes it effortless to follow up on your physicians' referrals.

Support your physicians' vetted candidates by nurturing their leads.

Ten seconds to predict your team

Check out the remarkable speed and accuracy of Winnow. Let us walk you through predictive candidate connections and show you just how easy it is to follow this process.

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