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Winnow Coach

Fast help for a physician hire  

Hands-on support for your immediate openings 


Sometimes you need A Coach


Maybe you have a few designated leaders who are responsible for recruiting your next physicians. Maybe everyone views recruiting as a shared function. Or maybe no one on your team has time for recruiting.

Contingency firms are not your only option.

Winnow Coach combines our platform with consultation to meet your exact specs. Coach is designed for organizations with inconsistent needs and more limited resources, built to scale to the breadth of your demands.



Your Own Army of Physician Referrers

Physician referrals are the holy grail for successfully engaging and closing top hires, but this outreach is typically perceived as arbitrary and difficult. Winnow makes physician referrals laser targeted and simple. We surface the relationships that predictive candidates have with your your physicians, giving your staff specific, vetted choices to react to and a quick way to help your hiring process.  

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Discovery of your needs, hiring criteria, and processes.


Winnow surfaces predictive candidates who have relationships with your own physicians.



Your physicians seamlessly qualify connections and engage friends to recruit them into the organization.


Winnow helps your team manage your direct outreach, follow-ups, and pipeline of candidates.



Physician referrals lead to 55% faster time-to-hires and far more qualified ones with better longevity.

Winnow Core

Full Access


per FTE* per month

All the predictive candidates you need - along with the relationships they have with your own providers - to completely manage your physician recruiting.

Predictive candidates

Surfaced relationships

Engagement & tracking portal

Physician retention insights

Contact information

*Full-time employed clinicians

Best Value

Winnow Coach

Full Access + ARA


per hire (plus Core)

All the benefits of Winnow Core along with access to a Winnow Auxiliary Recruiter who can drive leads and referrals amongst your physicians.

Benefit from your own team's efforts and pull in Auxiliary Recruiter Assistance (ARA) when additional help is needed at a lower cost. 

Winnow Auxiliary

Auxiliary Recruiter Assistance


per hire

Winnow provides recruitment assistance by driving all predictive candidate connections to your own internal providers for referrals and engagement. The ARA facilitates the activity and pass along qualified leads to your appropriate stakeholders for interviewing and hiring.

Predictive candidates

Surfaced relationships

Facilitation & ownership


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